Foam Masters 3D Airplanes

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MY SU-31 Yes it will hover on a timed 350c and 2s li-poly

It is time to get off the side lines and get in the game.

Join in on the fun of building and flying R/C airplanes in your on back yard.


  • All the airplanes in this site are powered by the standard GWS 350c with D gearing.
  • There will be a full set of instructions posted on how to construct, setup, and fly all the airplanes on this site.
  • The planes can be flown with li-poly or ni-mh batteries.
  • They can be constructed with Dow Blue-Core or Depron Foam.
  •  A four channel raido, micro receiver, three or four micro servos,and speed control is all you need to get started. 




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